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The Creative Arts Center of Cuernavaca (CACC) is a non-profit cultural organization which supports and encourages the arts in Cuernavaca. Since its founding on January 3, 1973, CACC has produced and presented an extensive selection of artistic events such as art exhibits, musical presentations, dance, theater, film and poetry readings - geared to the pleasure and cultural stimulation of its diverse membership.



Events Scheduled so far  for the year  2001 are as follows:

Wednesday April 4th Board of Directors meeting
Sunday April 28th Quetzalcoatl  Play in English 
May 13 Mothers Day Dinner
June Childrens Art Fair  at   Jardin Borda
October   20 (Tentative)  Wine Tasting at Jardin Borda 
November 24th  Gran Feria de las Artesanías
December  Christmas Cocktail Party


Click here to visit the Calendar for events in Cuernavaca 

The Center is a voluntary organization where members give their time and talents to promote the arts, and on occasion have lent their homes and gardens for various artistic presentations. CACC truly is a "do it yourself" organization, which succeeds because of its volunteers.

The annual cost of membership in the CACC is extremely reasonable, and members benefit from reduced admission charges to all the events during the course of a year, as well as special parties for "members only". Annual dues are $150 m.n. for a couple and $75 m.n. for an individual.

In addition, members receive CACC';s invaluable monthly newsletter (in English and Spanish) which brings everyone up to date on the community's cultural events. Members also have the opportunity to work in almost any artistic discipline or in administrative and support functions.

Those who would like to join CACC will be most welcome to do so at any of our upcoming events. Or, for more information, please contact our president,  Yolanda Mendizabal at 316-6688 






 2001 Board of Directors 

President   Yolanda Mendizabal 316-6688 y_mendizabal@yahoo.com.mx
Vice President   John Florida 317-5694 jaFlorida@infosel.net.mx 
Secretary Barbara Velasco 326-1943 marlsavelasco@infosel.net.mx

Zola Vera Cué

313-8680 zoila_vera@Yahoo.com
Newsletter & Website  Gonzo White 326-0055 GonzoW@Performerstech.com
Board of Directors Pat Arenas 318-7022


Roxana Villamichel    
Harriet Goff Guerrero  314-2988 hpgg@infosel.net.mx 
Alice Cornell 318-7275
Claude Manfré 316-4003 manfre@prodigy.net.mx 
Peter Settels 317-4698


Centro de Arts Creativas, A.C.
Acacias No. 190,  Lomas de Cuernavaca   Cuernavaca, Mor. 62581



We are just getting started with the online newsletters but we have 

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  Some pictures and info on the 
Gran Feria de las Artesanías

and some more Pictures and info on the 
Members Christmas Party 

and some more Pictures and info on the 
Childrens Art Fair

Here is  some info on these coming events 



Business Section

We now have an online Business Section.  These local business men help support the Creative Arts with their advertisements.  Please take the time to browse through them and patronize them if you can.  

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