2000 Members Christmas Party

The clubs first Christmas Party for the new Millennium was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Around 100 members came to Jessica's beautiful house and garden and mingled for a few hours with new and old friends.  

Botonas were brought by club members and some were outstanding.  There were stuffed Jalapeno's in a beautiful silver serving dish, a great looking  tray of sliced salmon, stuffed mushrooms, ham rolls, little sandwiches, deviled eggs, some wonderful little individual pastry's with mince meat, fresh fruit and vegetables with dips, a few salads,  some Christmas cookies and a ton of Potato chips. I was kind of disappointed in the number of people who went to all the trouble to bring a bag of potato chips. But,, what the heck,, everything else was great.  

Everyone's membership expired at the End of December, Tables were set out and volunteers handled the renewals. 

 The outgoing officers were given some gifts and a well deserved pat on the back.  The incoming officers were elected/introduced.  Yolanda Mendizabal has agreed to be president, and in my opinion she will do a great job.  John Florida will be the vice president, Barbara Velasco will be secretary, Zola Vera Cué will be Treasure and Yo, Gonzo White will be in charge of the new and improved web site.  I will also be publishing an electronic edition of the newsletter. Phone numbers and email address of the board of directors are listed on the first page of the web site. 

Jessica has agreed to publish a newsletter for 2 more months until we can find someone to take her place.  I have agreed to help with this, but I don't have time to do it all, so if someone would be willing to help out with the newsletter it would be appreciated (only 2 or 3 hours a month is needed).  We still need some more members who are willing to do a little work.  If a lot of people do a little bit of work its a whole lot better then if a few do everything and get burned out.  Please help.  Everyone is welcome to come to the board of directors meetings and offer to do a wee bit.  This is your club.  Don't just sit back and let everyone else do all the work.  

We will have a new electronic edition of the newsletter. .  Basically the same as the printed one, except it will be online, and will have some great color photographs and art work. <grin> Also it will be available in case you don't get your newsletter, lose it, or whatever.  If you give me your email address I will send you an email with a reminder when I publish the newsletter on the web.   I think this is better then sending you the letter itself as we will not fill up your mailbox with the photo's.   In my previous life I used to be a photographer and I love to play with pictures on my computer so you can be sure of seeing lots of pictures in the future.

The email address will change from month to month.. So just remember to visit the site at
and follow the links from there. Any suggestions and comments are always welcome. 


This is one of three food tables.  There were some really good botona's.  And the tables were full most of the time.  As one dish was finished some one else arrived.  The early people had the best choices.