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Presidents Message 


I would like to thank all the members of Creative Arts who came to our first event of this year on the 17 of February,  it was a success and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Our appreciation to Gerry Guerin  for lending her lovely home and garden.  Congratulations to Harriet G. Guerrero and her committee, they worked very hard and with enthusiasm.  The music was quite happy and lively.  John Florida  supervised the bar and his lovely wife Lia organized the “botanas”,  ( by the way they were delicious) , she checked on the food table constantly and made sure we  got plenty to eat.   Thanks  Lia.

Max and Carmela were of  enormous  help to us,  they certainly do have  knowledge and experience in organizing events!  Thank you for your cooperation.  All I can say is that thanks to everyone working as a team, the mixer was very pleasant.  Welcome each and everyone who  re-registered and took advantage of last year’s  prices.

It was very pleasant  having  Nicholas Watson  at our event,  I had an opportunity to talk to him briefly and  he reconfirmed his  offer  to have Creative Arts use the Jardin Borda  for its events, so we made an appointment to meet with him, talk and  check  calendars in order to take advantage  and use  that beautiful place.  If you have some ideas and suggestions  please let us know, since it is you we would like to please.

Pacho Lane, was also among our guest, he is a professor at  the  UAEM, (the University  of the State of Morelos), and a filmmaker on traditional music and culture.  He talked about an actor friend of his, Stuart Cox, who has played  the part of Quetzalcoatl in English in Tepoztlan.  The whole thing sounds very interesting.  John Florida and Jane Jackter  will find out all about costs and dates,  maybe we can  bring him to Cuernavaca .
 On March 25 we will organize our Children’s  Art Faire, at the language center Cemanahuac,  San Juan No. 4, Col. Las Palmas.  Hope to see you there!


    Yolanda Mendizaba l





Mensaje del Presidente

Mi agradecimiento a todos los socios de Artes Creativas que con su participación a nuestro primer evento del año, el día 17 de febrero, contribuyeron para que fuera todo un éxito.  Muchas gracias a nuestra anfitriona Gerry Guerin por permitirnos hacer uso de su lindo jardín.  Harriet G. Guerrero y su comité trabajaron arduamente en la organización del evento, felicidades!.  La música estuvo muy alegre.  John Florida supervisó el bar y su querida esposa Lia estuvo a cargo de las botanas (que a propósito estaban deliciosas) y siempre al tanto de que no faltara nada, gracias Lia.

Max y Carmela, como siempre nos ayudaron bastante cooperando con su experiencia y sus conocimientos.  En sí fue todo un trabajo de equipo.  Bienvenidos todos los miembros que se reinscribieron y aprovecharon la  última oportunidad de pagar al precio del año pasado.

Tuve la oportunidad de platicar brevemente con Nicolás Watson, quien nos ha ofrecido las instalaciones del Jardín Borda para cualquier evento que organicemos,
así es que ya hicimos cita con él para haer planes,  comparar calendarios y así poder aprovechar ese bello lugar.  Si alguno de ustedes tiene sugerencias favor de comunicárnoslas, ya que son a ustedes a los/las que queremos complacer.

También estuvo con nosotros Pacho Lane, profesor de la Escuela de Humanidades de la UAEM y especialista en la cultura y en la música tradicional.  Me platico de  un actor inglés Stuart Cox, quien interpreta a Quetzalcoatl en Inglés.  Por sus comentarios pude entender que la obra de teatro es muy interesante.   John Florida y Jane Jackter están investigando fechas y costos para posiblemente presentarla para los miembros de Artes Creativas. 

Les recuerdo que el día 25 de marzo se llevará a cabo la Feria de Arte Juvenil, en la escuela de idiomas "Cemanahuac", ubicada en calle San Juan No. 4, Col. Las Palmas.

Esperamos contar nuevamente con su valiosa presencia. 


    Yolanda Mendizaba l



Health Tip….

If you have dry skin… The Cheapest and best thing to use… Is simple ole vegetable shortening.  What you are really trying to do is keep the moisture in… You can’t add it to your skin.  Shortening does the job without all the fancy perfumes etc. 



Birthdays in March


Linda Centron  3rd
Pacho Lane  3rd
Edward Dries  4th
Barbara Hubp  7th
William Graham  12th
Harrison Harrison  12th
Hazel Peňalosa  12th
Carmela Hobbs  13th
Norma Brancato  14th
Bob Bockeroth  22nd
Leticia Montenegro 23rd
Claudia Graham  31



We learned after Publication that Claudia Pavon has passed away.  We apoligize for listing her in the birthday column, but we didn’t know.


 Need a Map??

I have been looking for quite a few months for a map of Morelos.  No one seemed to have any.  I was talking to Harriet Goff and she suggested I visit the Convention bureau’s office.  So I went and they gave me a very nice map of the State.  Free.. The office is located on the second floor of a building near the theater on Benito Juarez blvd.  You enter through the beauty salon.  (I know but you will understand when you get there)  They also have a nice bi-lingual web site with some maps online.



Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting will be as scheduled on March 7th   at 6 in the evening. 
The meeting place has been changed to Peter Sett
els house.  If you need directions please call at 317-4698

March 25th .......... the Creative Arts Children's art fair 

April ....... Showtime  Chaired by Pat Arenas ??

May (Tentative) looks like Quetzalcoatl by Pancho Lane  

May (tentative) Mothers day Dinner 


Our Officers 

The club seems to have gotten over the crisis of not having a president.  Yolanda is doing a sensational job. And we seem to have a very active and enthusiastic board of  Directors.  I see lots of good things starting to happen.   A list of the officers is on the main club page  I didn't see any sense in redoing it here.  

But we still need some volunteers to help design and deliver the newsletter.  This will only take a few hours once a month. Also if you have some time and would like to help with one specific event (either organize it or help someone else) please call or email Yolanda and talk to her.  We will find something for you to do.  We need a few more warm bodies.  The more people that work, the less work there is!  



Calendar II

This is a copy of the Calendar that was in the printed Newsletter  This is what I thought was interesting and what I could squeeze unto two printed pages, from the Cartera (Calendar) from the Institute de Cultura.  

 J u e v e s    0 8
CINE    also on 9th, 10th, and 11th  
Así es la vida   Dir. Arturo Ripstein   México, 2000
16:00, 18:30 y 21:00 hrs.   Cine Morelos   Cooperación general $15.
La conciencia de la prosperidad: la energética del   éxito   Presenta: Lyyn Taylor, B.A. (Boston)   16:00 hrs.   Museo Brady   Costo $125.00 TEATRO   also on 9th, 10th, 11th , 16, 17th and 18th
Final del juego   Compañía teatral "Que oscuridad de golpe"   
Autor: Samuel Beckett   Dirección: Armando Vidal
Foro Vilchis No. 42  Col. Centro, Cuautla   Entrada general $20.00

 v i e r n e s;  0 9   

Danza clásica de la India   Isolda, bailarina   Taller Danza Dharma
19:30 hrs.   Teatro Ocampo   Cooperación general $40.00

m i é r c o l e s    1 4   
Francisca y la muerte   Grupo Cultural Zero   Dirección: Eduardo López   16:00 hrs.
Foro grande del Teatro Ocampo   Entrada general $15.00

CINE   also on 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th
Entre la tarde y la noche   Dir. Óscar Blancarte   México, 2000
16:00, 18:30 y 21:00 hrs.   Cine Morelos   Cooperación general $15.00  

Concierto de cello y piano
Yorick Alexander Abel, violonchelo lemania   Javier Quintana González, piano Cuba
Programa: Schumann, Lavista, Hindemith, Ginastera, Landa y Prokofiev
Artistas del Festival del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México 
19:00 hrs. Sala Manuel M. Ponce   Jardín Borda   Cooperación general $50.00 

Third Friday in Lent  16th 
Huge fair and festival in Tepalzingo. Also festivals in Tetela del Volcan and Hueyapan (Nahua village literally "Under the Volcano")

  s á b a d o      St Patrick’s Day  

Recital de guitarra Miniaturas Mexicanas del S.XX
Alberto Ubach, guitarra Programa: piezas representativas de 32 compositores
(uno de cada Estado de la República)  18:00 hrs. Sala Manuel M. Ponce Jardín Borda
Cooperación general $40.00


Friday 23rd
Hospital del Nino Morelense  VI Annual Gala Night in Las Mananitas Casanueva  Tickets 700 peso'sCall 311-3802 or 311-3803 ext 239   Mon - Fri 10 -2 

Sunday the 25th of March
Creative Arts Children's Art Faire

11-4 at the Cemanahuac Educational Community (behind Estrella de Oro)  

  d o m i n g o    2 5

Trío Neos   Wendy Holdaway, fagot   Eleanor Weingartner, clarinete   Ana María Tradatti, piano   Programa: Manuel Enrique, Beethoven, Francisco Núñez   y H. Villalobos
12:30 hrs.   Hacienda de Cortés   Atlacomulco, Jiutepec
Donativo $200/$100.00 Invitan: ICM/Amigos de la Música de Cuernavaca A.C.

Concierto Inaugural de la Orquesta Pro-Arte de   Morelos
Dir. Emilio Palacios   17:00 hrs.   Sala Manuel M. Ponce   Jardín Borda
Cooperación general $50.00

  m a r t e s    2 7

CINE also on 28th
Cuando las nubes mueven las estrellas
Dir. Torun Lian   Noruega, 1998  16:00, 18:30 y 21:00 hrs.   Cine Morelos
Cooperación general $15.00


Ensamble David Klezmer   Invitado de Hungría
Música y danza típica judía-húngara   Integrantes:   Gergely GyÍrffy, violín   József Dávid,
clarinete   Sándor Kertész, viola   Katalin Angecz, armónica   István Rózsa, tuba
Péter Árkosi, percusiones   19:00 hrs.   Teatro Ocampo  Cooperación general $80.00

 j u e v e s    2 9

 CINE also on 30th and 31st
 XXXVII Muestra Internacional de Cine
 Antes del anochecer   Dir. Julian Schnabel   E.U.A., 2000  16:00, 18:30 y 21:00 hrs.
 Cine Morelos   Cooperación general $20.00

Friday in Lent  30th  
Mazatepec - apparently one of the oldest festivals in the state. with a dance competition     between the two churches that face each other on a slope. The dance "El Nahual" is of ancient origin which has recently been revived. 


Business Section

We now have an online Business Section.  These local business people help support the Creative Arts with their advertisements.  Please take the time to browse through them and patronize them if you can.  

Click here to Visit the Business Section 


The CAC has lots of easels that we only use a few times a year.
  If anyone would like to rent them they are available for only 10 pesos a day.  
  Call Carmen Laris   at 317 63 97, for arrangements. 


Guild House Library


We’re Moving !!!!

March will be moving month for the Library, to its new home at the Diocesan Center at Minerrva #1, Colonia Las Delicias.  We’ll have a Super Sale of books, including hundreds that have been retired from the permanent collection in order to make way for lots of new books.  A totally new look for our one and only English library in Cuernavaca. 

Don’t pass up this opportunity to buy good books at bargin-basement prices on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, March 11, 12, and 13th, from 10 to 3 o’clock, in the Guild House garden. 

Volunteers to work one morning or afternoon a week are always welcome.

The Guild House Library
Vergel 111, Col. Chipitlan. 312-5197

de Queso

This page was all formatted with some comments by a grumpy old Granny about the Gammy awards but she caught heck from her daughter and said “Please don’t print it”.  So I am filling up this space with this marvelous recipe.  This is one of my favorite recipes.. And its so simple it should be a crime to use it.  <grin>

 I love almost anything with Tomatoes and cream so on a recent trip to the El Gallinero restaurant I noticed they had Tortellini with Tomato Sauce and Cream.  This is not noted as a prime Italian Restaurant but I thought I would try it.  When it was served it didn’t look at all what I was expecting just some Tortellini on a plate with some tomato sauce and a glob of Cream in the middle.  But once I started eating I was hooked.  It was very good…

 Visiting the gift shop afterwards I noticed they were selling little boxes of Tortellini… And, here I thought the Tortellini was so good it had to be hand made.  Visiting Commercial Mexicana I found the same stuff.  It’s a bright Yellow box called Barilla Tortellini de Queso.  Its normally 28 peso’s but its on sale quite often and you can stock up for around 20 peso’s.  It’s a very small box, but it expands a bit in the boiling water and you can feed 3 from one box.  This is sooo much better then the fresh stuff you buy at Sams Club or the market. 

 You will need a box of Tortellini,  a can of Hunts Spaghetti Sauce (or you can use traditional Rago if you like), and some cream. 

Boil some water….

And put the Spaghetti sauce on the stove.  ( don’t doctor it up,, its better plain ole Tomatoes)

When the Tortellini is ready (10 minutes) put it on individual plates,  pour the spaghetti sauce over it and then drizzle generously some cream over the top of the sauce. 

 That’s it… Simple, inexpensive, and something you can impress your friends with…. Try it…  


For Rent
In quiet safe condo, Two bedroom,

completely furnished apartment,
telephone, solar heated pool, Garden


 Lomas de Cortez

Phone Evenings 313-6213




        To be held at:

Hotel Camino Real Sumiya

Wed. March 28, Donation 150 pesos
Tels: 3 12 71 54 & 3 12 26 93

Fashion Show and Raffle Included.