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Presidents Message 

     A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!


     First of all, I would like to thank the Burali-Forti/Martínez family for their hospitality.  We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed their beautiful garden.  Many thanks!  The Christmas cocktail was definitely a team effort.  Patricia Parker-Weber, as always, organized a great event.  The botanas were delicious,  John Florida tended bar,  Nelly Snyder and  Lia Florida helped by selling bar tickets, and  Gerry Guerin coordinated the efficient group of volunteers who greeted us with lovely smiles and signed up members new & old with all the patience in the world.   We were sorry to see that of our 200 plus members, only 55 or so were able to attend.  However, we did sign up 5 new members. Welcome!

     It was a pleasure for me to meet Lolita Shamblin in person.  I’m so glad you are back with us and we hope to see you often at our events.  Isabel Olsen, a long-time Creative Arts member, expressed a wish for more daytime events, since she can’t get out at night, and misses the C.A. meetings.   Other members who made an effort to be at the cocktail were Paco & Consuelo Guinovart, friends and neighbors of Frank & Myrna Jennings.  They were both thrilled to meet up with Mará Vilar and to be able to exchange a few words in Catalán and meet our sweet Marion Allan.   In conclusion, I am so pleased to know that everyone had a great time.   Thank you all for your suggestions, and you can be sure that each and every one will be taken into account.

     We are taking a break in January, but the board has been meeting to organize something for February.  We have planned a Valentine's Day Mixer at the home of Gerry Guerin on Saturday, February 17 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  There will be a cash bar and members will be able to re-register at last year's prices: $75 pesos for an individual membership, and $150 for a family membership.  Also, any members who wish to renew their membership can do so at the Guild House library with CACC members Pat Arenas, Alice Cornell, and Claude Manfre.

     If you have any suggestions, please let us know, either by telephone, or by e-mail.  My e-mail address is

                 Once again, Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event. 

P.S. We want to apologize for the late newsletter but due to the holidays and all the changes in the clubs officers, there was some confusion and delay.  We hope to have the February newsletter back on schedule. 

 Yolanda Mendizabal

Feliz y próspero año nuevo!

     Primeramente, deseo agradecer a la familia Burali--Forti/Martínez su hospitalidad, todos la pasamos muy bien y disfrutamos de su maravilloso jardín,  ¡mil gracias!. 

     Definitivamente que fue realmente un trabajo de equipo.  Patricia Parker Weber, como siempre, organizó un gran evento, las botanas deliciosas, John Florida atendió el bar, Nelly Snyder y Lia Florida ayudaron a vender boletos para el bar y Gerry Guerin coordinó al eficiente grupo de miembros voluntarios quienes nos recibieron  con una bella sonrisa y con toda la paciencia del mundo nos re-inscribieron.   Desgraciadamente, de los aproximadamente 200 miembros de Artes Creativas, únicamente asistieron como 55.  Se registraron 5 nuevos miembros,  ¡bienvenidos!

     Fue un placer conocer personalmente a Lolita Shamblin, que bueno que te estas reintegrando, espero verte seguido en nuestros eventos.  Isabel Olsen, miembro de Artes Creativas por años, expresó su deseo de que se organicen eventos durante el día ya que no puede salir de noche y extraña las reuniones de A.C.  Otros miembros que hicieron todo lo posible por llegar a la reunión son Paco y Consuelo Guinovart, amigos y vecinos de Frank y Myrna Jennings, Los dos felices porque se encontraron con María Vilar y pudieron intercambiar algunas palabras en Catalán, conocieron a la dulce de  Marion Allan, en fín me ha dado mucho gusto enterarme de que todos la pasaron  “regio”.  Muchas gracias por sus sugerencias y les aseguramos que las  tomaremos  en cuenta. 

     Este mes de enero no tendremos ningún evento, pero hay algo bonito planeado para febrero.  Haremos una reunion para celebrar el día del Amor y la Amistad en casa de Gerry Guerin.  La fecha es el Sábado 17 de Febrero, y el el horario es de 13:00 a 17:00 horas.  Será con cash bar y tendran la oportunidad de reinscribirse al precio del año pasado 75 pesos membresía individual y 150 pesos membresía familiar.

     Cualquier sugerencia por favor comuníquense  con alguno de nosotros, ya sea por teléfono o por correo electrónico, el mío es:

     Para los miembros que quiera reinscribirse, lo pueden hacer en el Guild House Library con Pat Arenas, Alice Cornell o Claude Gaufre.

  Nuevamente felicidades y esperamos contar con ustedes  en el próximo evento.

Yolanda Mendizabal



Birthdays in January 

  3 - Maruca Aaron
  8 - Jo Crown
  9 - Marion Allan
  9 - John Florida
10 - May Settles
11 - Andrés Portes
12 - Concepción Tobar
16 - Patricia Hoffmann
17 - Jeanne lawrence, 
20 - Claude Manfre
24 - Sal Brancato
24  - Maria McNaughton 
29  - Sandy Rhodes
30  - Bob Snyder





In December we had the Chrismas Party.  

February 7th is a board meeting at Alice Cornell's house

February 17th ........The Valentines day/Mixer 

March 24th .......... the Creative Arts Childrens art fair 

April ....... Showtime  Chaired by Silvia Osorio 

May looks like Quetzalcoatl by Pancho Lane  


If you are going to the Amigos de la Musica Program on Jan 28, you might be interested in this:


Camille Saint Saens


     Camille Saint-Saens was born in Paris in 1835, the son of a clerk in the French government service who died shortly after his birth. He began learning the piano at two and a half and displayed remarkable precocity, memorizing all the Beethoven piano sonatas by age 10. 

     Saint-Saens's melodies are always beautiful, and uniquely French in flavor. Works such as the Third Symphony and Carnival of the Animals contain some of the most famous melodies ever written .   

       Saint-Saens was one of the most skilled orchestrators of the 19th century. He had an instinctive feel for orchestral color, and his textures are always clear and sonorous. 


Our Officers 

The club seems to have gotten over the crisis of not having a president.  Yolanda is doing a sensational job. And we seem to have a very active and enthusiastic board of  Directors.  I see lots of good things starting to happen.   A list of the officers is on the main club page  I didn't see any sense in redoing it here.  

But we still need some volunteers to help design and deliver the newsletter.  This will only take a few hours once a month. Also if you have some time and would like to help with one specific event (either organize it or help someone else) please call or email Yolanda and talk to her.  We will find something for you to do.  We need a few more warm bodies.  The more people that work, the less work there is!  



Business Section

We now have an online Business Section.  These local business men help support the Creative Arts with their advertisements.  Please take the time to browse through them and patronize them if you can.  

Click here to Visit the Business Section 

Guild House Library


What's In It For You ?


A lot! An 8,000-volume lending library including fiction, non-fiction, suspense, history, art, gardening, biography, cookbooks, a Spanish section and more. A terrific children's library. Thousands of used paperback and hardback books for sale.  Here's an idea for yourself or a  friend : a year's membership, 12 months of good reading for just l00 pesos.  New additions to the permanent collection this month are: Beast by Peter Benchley; The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy; We'll Meet Again  by Mary Higgins Clark; Goodbye Without Leaving by Laurie Colwin;  Mr. Wu and Mrs. Stitch by Artemis Cooper; A Plan for Women by Lawrence Naumoff; Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson; The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.; A Borrowed Place  by Frank Welch, and many more.    

Volunteers to work one morning or afternoon a week are always welcome.


Vergel 111, Col. Chipitlan. 312-5197






It promises to be a banner year for the Animal Protection Association and for the 4-footed inhabitants of the Animal Shelter at Calle ZempoalA 41 maintained by the Association. The Shelter has undergone extensive structural remodeling and improvements as well as reorganized management under Lic. Jose Guadalupe Hernandez. To view these renovations the public is invited to an

 OPEN HOUSE on Saturday January 20 from 11 AM to5 PM.

     For directions, information, call 380-0265.

Six days later on Jan26, APAC's ANNUAL MEETING will take place at 5 PM in the Garden Pavilion of"The Guild", Calle Vergel 111. Reports on all the past year's activities will be presented and elections to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors will be held. APAC members and all those interested in the health and welfare of Cuernavaca's human and animal population, PLEASE ATTEND!

Looking ahead to February, plans are well under way for what promises to be the best ever VALENTINE'S BENEFIT PARTY - to be held again at the Cuernavaca Golf Club on Saturday, February 10th.   MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

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