President's Message
December 2000

Seasons Greetings to all!  For those of you who attended the Feria de Regalos and Barbeque, Thanks for your support. It was a successful and very pleasant event.  Some vendors did better then others, but that is always the case.  The attendees seem to have a good time.  (and commented to that effect.  Moreover, we finally put a little much needed cash in our dwindling coffers.  Thanks to the committee that worked so hard to bring this event to fruition.  

Our Committee consisted of Pat Arenas, Yolandia Mendizábal, Marcela Portocarraro, and Zoila Vera Cué. Thanks to Grace Farias, who made 8 kilos of her famous potato salad for the event.  In addition, a big thank you to Chef Bob Roberts along with his sous-chef Paul Fireman and Jerry Weber.  

Our next event is the Holiday Season Party.  This year our party will b held in the beautiful gardens of Jessica Burali Forti & Family.  The date is Sunday December 17th from 1 Pm until 5 PM.  For directions please call me, Yolandia Mendizábal, Marcela Portocarraro, or Zoila Vera Cué.  As always we ask members to please bring a botana, we will provide a cash bar.  

Thanks to those of you who have responded to last month's newsletter message.  A very good board has come together.  The only position we are lacking now is the Presidency.  Please bear in mind, this is a position that does require some dedication and time, but should be fairly painless due to an extremely competent and hard working board.  not to mention, it can be a rewarding and fun job.  Again, we cannot continue without a president.   

Also received was input from members letting us know what they wanted from our organization.  The general consensus of the people I heard from, was that they would like to return to a more personal form of culture, including plays, play reading, poetry readings, jazz concert, members art showings, Showtime and more "low key" events for the membership.  Thanks for your input.  We will pass these suggestions on to the new board.  (If we get a President)

I have enjoyed being your in term president and am thankful for all of he support and encouragement I received from many of you.  I look forward to returning at some point in the future to serve on the board in whatever  capacity I am needed.  

Many thanks for the experience!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season, 


Patricia Parker-Weber