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Children's Art Fair

 The 3rd annual Children's Art Fair was held at the Cemanhuac Community Education Center, on Sunday March 25th, and was a resounding success.  The biggest ever,  61 budding artists from 21 local schools were on hand to display their art work. Hundreds of people, CAC members, parents art lovers and teachers strolled through the beautiful school grounds admiring the art work. 

The show was so successful the CAC was asked by the Jardin Borda to put on another show there in June. 

 I am not an artist but I have to say that I really enjoyed walking through the exhibits and talking to the artists.  Almost all the artists attend private school and are accomplished at speaking English.  Most spoke English much better then I speak Spanish.  On this page are a few pictures of the show.  Click on the link below to see some of what I thought were the better pictures at the Fair.  Please note that I am not an art critic or judge.  I just selected pictures that I liked.  

Most of the students brought 4 to 6 different examples of their work. Placed around the terraces and gardens it was a very pleasing effect. 

Category I winners were 

1st. Uriel González Chávez     
Taller de Arte Frida

2nd. Daniela Rubio Echaniz    
Colegio CEA

The exhibition area was very large giving exhibitors and visitors plenty of room to walk around. 

Catagory II winners:

1st. Natalia Fernández Laris  
 Colegio Williams

1st. Sonja Laivinieks          
Taller de Arte Frida

2nd. Mario Montes Aguilar      
Taller de Arte Frida

There were many different kinds of art work Bernardo a 11 year old from the Collegio London  was displaying his caricatures.

Children ranged from 3 years old to 15 years old.  2 were in in preschool. 

This was a bench showing the sculptures from the Discovery School.  Its hard to tell from this picture but they were very well done.

The Discovery school had 10 students entered, 3 in Painting and 7 in sculpture. 

This is David a 9 year old artist who was doing embossed and relief type art work.

David was one of 11 entries from the Colegio Porter. 


To see a sampling of the oil colors.  8 pictures. 

 Please click here