The Creative Arts 

Children's Art Fair


This still life was painted by Oscar a 9 year old.  Oscar and Urel (next picture) were both students at the Taller de Arte Frida.  
This picture was a winner.  Believe it or not it was painted by a 9 year old boy named Urel.  He had 4 other paintings there that were also excellent.  I can't wait to see what he is doing 4 or 5 years from now.
 This landscape was painted by Tonya age 12.  Tanya attends the Escuela Magda Gurza.

This nicely framed flower arrangement was painted by Sonya  15 years old. Sonya attends the Taller de Arte Frida.  

This picture was a first prize winner in the "Category II" 

These lilies were painted by Edwardo age 11

These two horses were drawn by Jessica a 15 year old from the Discovery School.  She also had a painting of a Mother Lion with her Cub that was very nice. 

 This landscape was done by Deni age 11 from the Colegio Porter. 

I know this page is supposed to be Oils.. But I liked this picture that Rodrigo drew better then the 3 or 4 oil paintings he had on Display. Its also very different from the rest of the pictures on this page. 

 Rodrigo is an 11 year old from the colegio London. 


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